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The Wage Gap: Gender Discrimination in the 21st Century

by Heather Steranka-Petit, YWCA Greater Cleveland – Manager, Learning Programs This article appears in the 2016 issue of ACHIEVE magazine. In 1981, Sandra Day O’Connor became the first woman appointed to the United States Supreme Court.  She broke down barriers for … Continue reading

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Annual Gifts Make Significant (Unrestricted) Impact

Eliminating racism. Empowering women. Everything we do at the YWCA Greater Cleveland is a reflection of this mission. But how do we pay for the work that allows us to bring the mission to life? The short answer is philanthropy. … Continue reading

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Why Advocacy Matters

Advocacy – the act of pleading for, supporting, or recommending; active espousal. Many people ask why nonprofit organizations like YWCA Greater Cleveland engage in the important work of advocacy. While the dictionary definition presents a clear and factual understanding of … Continue reading

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Trading in Luck for Intentionality

By Debi Matese, YWCA Manager of Performance Improvement and Safety – I got to the YWCA via a series of fortunate events, not through intentionality. One day I woke up and was working in the field of data collection, analysis, … Continue reading

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Why Am I Here?

By Sadie Winlock, YWCA Chief Operating Officer Why am I here? Do you ever ask yourself that question?  Well, throughout my life, that has been a question I’ve asked myself because I seem to end up in the most unlikely … Continue reading

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The ROI of Self-Advocacy: Accelerating Your Career While Benefiting your Company

If you’re like many highly-motivated, high-potential professionals, you know the importance of investing in your career. You may have gone as far as mapping your career, marking milestones, making goals and measuring areas for growth. There’s only one roadblock – … Continue reading

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If We Don’t Have Our Health, Not Much Else Matters: Why I Refused To Be A Statistic At 258lbs

By Margaret Mitchell, President and CEO of YWCA Greater Cleveland, Just so there is no confusion: I am going to share a bit of my journey to a healthier lifestyle and the intersection of health disparities on race and gender. But … Continue reading

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