National Crime Victims Rights Week Luncheon

NCVRW17_Twitter_Profile_A-400x400Thank you to Yvonne Pointer, Latundra Henderson, and Renee Jones for sharing your stories with us in honor of National Crime Victims Rights Week.

Ms. Pointer spoke about her own experience with finding and utilizing support services and partnering with the criminal justice system to bring her daughter’s killer to justice.

Ms. Pointer recalled working with offenders in prison and her efforts to raise funds to further the education of children in Ghana. She also spoke about the importance of forgiveness and the need to constructively come to terms with loss.

“You have to forgive in order to keep living.” – Yvonne Pointer

Since 1984, Yvonne Pointer has worked tirelessly to create safer communities in and out of the City of Cleveland. Ms. Pointer is the co-founder P.A.C.K, (Parents Against Child Killing), the founder of Positive Plus Women’s Support Group, an active member of P.O.M.C. (Parents of Murdered Children), and was inducted into the Ohio Women’s Hall of Fame in 1991.

Renee Jones spoke about her experience working with victims of sex trafficking. Social media is increasingly being used as a tool of sex traffickers and parents must be aware of who their children are interacting with online.

Renee Jones is the founder of the Renee Jones Empowerment Center, and began Project Red Cord. Project Red Cord provides social support and resouces to survivors of human trafficking including:

  • educational resources
  • food
  • safe housing
  • job training
  • legal assistance
  • medical and psychological care
  • inter-generational support groups
  • art therapy
  • journaling
  • court advocacy
  • incarceration and re-entry support.

Thanks to our speakers, partners, and attendees for being a part of this event and raising awareness for victims of crime.

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