Becoming Culturally Competent Requires Self-Reflection, Respectful Dialogue


THERE IS STILL TIME TO REGISTER!! The first workshop in the Developing Cultural Competency Workshop Series is almost here! Join us TOMORROW (Tuesday, August 25) from 11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. as we explore what it means to individual culturally competency in the workshop Becoming a Culturally Competent Individual.

“The workshop provides an introduction to the framework and rationale for being a culturally competent individual in today’s global economy,” said Heather Steranka-Petit, director, It’s Time to Talk Programs. “In this workshop, participants will learn about relationship between culture and diversity and begin to examine their individual cultural background, including privilege. They will develop understanding of how cultural values shape our attitudes and beliefs, and how these factors impact our behavior. They will have an opportunity practice skills for respectful dialogue across differences, and explore how these skills can support them at work and in their community,” she added. 

To register, click here. To learn more, contact Heather Steranka-Petit at

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