Unshakable Self Confidence: How Do You Get It – And Keep It

YWCA Greater Cleveland and international speaker, author, and trainer Maia Beatty recently entered into a new and exciting partnership that brings the newly-developed online course Move Into Your Power to the YWCA’s Women’s Leadership Institute palette of offerings. Move Into Your Power, created and soon to be launched by Ms. Beatty, advances the concepts from her latest book, Dance Into Your Power, into a proven system of strategies anyone can use to achieve anything they want in life. The course is designed to show learners exactly how to attain unshakable self-confidence and laser-focused mental clarity in any situation they face. This article speaks to that notion of unshakable self-confidence.

Transformational Leaders Have Unshakable Self-Confidence.

Unshakable self-confidence comes from a deep trust in yourself that is unaffected by your circumstances. Katherine Hepburn had it. So did Amelia Earhart. Rosa Parks. Barbara Bush. Michelle Obama. When you think of self-confidence from this perspective, you can probably come up with your own list of women and men who have it.


Deep self-trust grows from the inside and shows up on the outside as unshakable self-confidence. Instead of worrying about the impression you’re making or whether you’re doing things well, you can tune in to your surroundings and other people, and pick up the clues you need to be successful in any circumstances.

More importantly, mistakes don’t scare you. You make them easily and you always learn from them. You might even seem fearless to other people.

Why Doesn’t Everyone Have It?

It’s easy to be confident when things are going well. But what happens to your self-confidence when things go wrong? It’s your ability to continue to feel self-confident in spite of your circumstances that is the true hallmark of confidence.

The biggest challenge to unshakable self-confidence is fear. Fear of failure. Fear of what others will think or say about you. Even fear of success. When you’re afraid, although you can compensate for it, you simply can’t feel self-confident—and it shows.

How Can You Get It For Yourself?

What if you could learn to face yourself and find all the answers you need within yourself? Sometimes it takes a little longer to overcome the inner obstacles we face along the way, yet once you learn how to trust yourself, your self-confidence becomes unshakable.

The good news is that unshakable self-confidence is composed of specific behaviors that can be observed and measured. This means they can be identified and learned. The game-changer is learning how to build your own brand of unshakable self-confidence that’s completely and authentically you, built from the inside out.

If you’re ready to try it out yourself, Move Into Your Power can show you how. Move Into Your Power helps you map out exactly how you can accomplish anything you want in life. It helps you identify how you do things now, so you can see what works for you and what holds you back. Although there are numerous programs out there that can tell you what to do to accomplish your goals, Move Into Your Power is the only program that shows you exactly how to create your own personal, sustainable blueprint.

Move Into Your Power launches this month. If you’re ready to create a blueprint for your life, you can pre-register and save 30 percent.

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