Voting – A Right We Must All Exercise

Our ultimate goal was to raise voter awareness specifically but also to more generally inform the general community about YWCA Greater Cleveland. We see it as critically important to let people, especially our neighbors in the Central community, know we are here as a resource.” – Jerome Baker, YWCA Greater Cleveland.

 YWCA Greater Cleveland has been working diligently, in partnership with NonprofitVote, to educate the community on all steps and processes of the voter registration process. This past summer, we held a voter registration drive at Arbor Park Plaza where we handed out literature and helped people better understand the voter registration process. 52 people registered to vote that day, and another 157 individuals pledged to vote. That’s more than 200 people committing themselves to doing their part to make a difference.

This year, Election Day is Tuesday, November 4, 2014. This is the day when all people of legal voting age can go to the polls and make their voices heard. YWCA Greater Cleveland believes everyone can and should vote and advocate for the things that matter to individuals, to families and to the greater community we call home.

Many have asked me why this is so important. The answer is simple: increasing the number of registered voters in our great community ensures the needs of the community are reflected in the voting booth. Legislators are charged with the heavy responsibility of working on issues that may affect how you live, work, and or play in the Greater Cleveland community. Don’t you want your voice to be reflected in that process?

So the time is now. If you are registered to vote, go to for links to everything you need to determine where you vote early and on Election Day. Unsure about your registration? You can check your status at that link. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by…get out and vote!

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Jerome Baker is the Community Engagement Youth Supervisor at YWCA Greater Cleveland, where he works with young adults who were either homeless or in foster care.

YWCA Community Engagement Supervisor Jerome Baker
YWCA Community Engagement Supervisor Jerome Baker

A Cleveland native, Baker grew up in CMHA housing in the Central neighborhood and graduated from East Technical High School. Prior to joining YWCA Greater Cleveland, Baker worked at Catholic Charities as Youth Intervention Specialist, managing youth with substance and sexual abuse, as well as behavioral, issues. Baker is a 2014 graduate of Neighborhood Leadership Development Program, a 2008 graduate of the Neighborhood Leadership Institute and a Promise Central Ambassador. He received his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Public Administration in 2012. Baker and his wife of more than eighteen years have four children.

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