The ROI of Self-Advocacy: Accelerating Your Career While Benefiting your Company

If you’re like many highly-motivated, high-potential professionals, you know the importance of investing in your career. You may have gone as far as mapping your career, marking milestones, making goals and measuring areas for growth. There’s only one roadblock – you need to persuade your organization to support you in your development efforts. Whether you’re looking for a stretch assignment, tackling a big project, or enrolling in a training program, gaining buy-in requires self-advocacy. Most employees cringe at the thought of promoting their own advancement and it tends to be particularly challenging for women. Much research has been done on the topic of women’s self-promotion. To enhance the skills in your tool kit, check out the articles below.

Inability to Self-Promote Holds Women Back: Conference Board of Canada

Three Tricks To Step Up Your Self-Promotion Skills

Why It’s Harder For Women To ‘Brag’ About Themselves At Work — And Why We Really Need To

Women And Personal Branding: Oil And Water?

Practicing your self-advocacy is critical, as is finding your own style.  A great place to start is the YWCA Greater Cleveland’s Women’s Leadership Programs: Boot Camp, Quest and Momentum. Boot Camp is ideal for individual contributors and technical experts who need to influence others to achieve their goals. Quest is ideal for new managers, experienced managers who desire formal training, and those who could use support managing the transition from individual contributor to a leader of others. Momentum is ideal for those in mid- to upper-management roles who aspire or are new to executive leadership.   So what’s holding you back and how can you make the case to your employer to support you in your development?   YWeAct

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