Introducing YWeAct, the YWCA Greater Cleveland Blog

YWCA Greater Cleveland Building

YWCA Greater Cleveland is an incorporated, nonprofit organization, with a 501c3 status. Programming is funded through grants, individual donations, corporate support and other sources. Established in 1868, it is one of the oldest continuously operating nonprofit organizations in Cleveland.

Visit the YWCA Greater Cleveland Blog: YWeAct to discover why we work passionately toward eliminating racism and empowering women. This blog is a forum for not only YWCA employees, but also for community partners, clients and friends who want to share expert knowledge, thoughts or opinions on issues associated with our mission. You’ll find a wealth of invaluable insider knowledge about the following subject areas:

YWeAct will feature at least two posts per week from YWCA thought leaders with plenty of knowledge to share, including a monthly column by YWCA’s own President and CEO Margaret Mitchell. We welcome contributions and guests posts.

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YWCA Greater Cleveland is dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all. Our blog, YWeAct, brings these issues to light, with an emphasis on varying points of view, local occurrences, and solutions, in addition to problems relevant to our mission. Your participation in our ongoing open discussion is vital to building a better region. If you are interested in submitting a blog post for our consideration, please review the guidelines below and email your submission to Valerie Jerome at

Blog posts should be roughly 500 words, pertaining to the YWCA mission and focus areas.  All submissions are subject to editing, and should include a request either for anonymity or a byline. Photos and other media can be attached by email, though are not guaranteed inclusion. Submissions will be posted at YWCA Greater Cleveland discretion.

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